Wargaming Offering Bonus Gold For Credit Card Users

Big spenders get big bonuses.

As part of a limited-time Premium Shop promotion, Wargaming is offering bonuses to those who purchase in-game gold using select credit cards over the next few days.

Between now and Thursday, December 8th, making a gold purchase in the Premium Shop with a credit card will net buyers a bonus percentage of extra gold based on how much they initially buy.

The bonus kicks in if a buyer purchases at least 500 gold and as long as the amount of gold bought is between 500 and 8,000, a 10 percent bonus will be put into effect. If a buyer ups their purchase amount and buys between 8,001 and 17,500 gold, the bonus is in turn upped to 13 percent. Lastly, buying any amount between 17,501 and the maximum of 25,000 bumps the bonus gold amount up to 15 percent.

The bonus is only applied if a buyer uses a Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro credit card. Since gold can be used in both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, the gold bought and bonuses earned through the promotion can be used in either game (or both).

If you’re interested in utilizing the promotion, be sure to visit this special purchase link for the Premium Shop.

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