Redditor Shows Unorthodox World of Tanks Mission Completion Method

Sometimes the best strategy is to be direct.

World of Tanks missions where you have to destroy a specific type or class of tank can be a real pain to complete, especially once you reach the higher tiers of competitive play. However, for one Redditor, a brazen and highly irregular strategy wound up actually paying off.

As Redditor FLU773RSHY recently shared on the World of Tanks subreddit, they were playing a game in which they had to score three kills against tanks which were at least one tier higher than their own. When FLU773RSHY spotted an enemy tank on a ridge which fit the mission’s parameters, they decided that the best approach to take was the path of least resistance.

FLU773RSHY’s tactic is certainly not one which most skilled players would recommend, but it does prove that sometimes the best course of action is to do something the enemy wouldn’t expect. Surprising your enemies with a flanking bum-rush also seems a bit more honorable than what some World of Tanks artillery players have been seen doing.



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