World of Tanks Advent Calendar Offers 59-Patton Ultimate Bundle

Save 14 percent on one of the strongest Chinese tanks.

For the eighth day of the World of Tanks advent calendar, Wargaming is offering a special discount on the 59-Patton Ultimate bundle, allowing buyers to snag the Chinese premium tank and a number of extra goodies at a pretty enticing price.

For today only, the 59-Patton Ultimate bundle (which is normally priced at $81.46), can be had for $69.99. Included in the bundle is the 59-Patton tier VIII Chinese premium tank, a bonus garage slot, a Vertical Stabilizer mod, a Gun Rammer mod, an Improved Ventilation mod, seven days of Premium Account time, 4,000 gold, and 2,000,000 credits.

If you want to take advantage of the 14 percent discount, you can purchase the 59-Patton Ultimate bundle here.

Sadly, today’s advent calendar entry does not include a new segment for the eight-piece bonus holiday code that Wargaming is slowly revealing throughout the month of December. If you missed previous code segments, you can visit the advent calendar and scroll back to the days on which the three currently available segments were revealed (days one, four, and seven). To reveal each segment, simply mouse over the small yellow spot on each entry page while clicking down with your mouse.

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