World of Tanks Subreddit Shows How Physics Can Be Fun

When you decide to tell gravity “not today.”

World of Tanks is very much a game based in realism and authenticity, but it’s also a game where you should expect the unexpected. In that regard, let us tell you the tale of one World of Tanks player who stared gravity down and forced the seemingly unbreakable law of nature to blink first.

Redditor TheWhiteMask shared an amusing gif on the World of Tanks subreddit, proving that sometimes the laws of physics just need to take a backseat to cool one-in-a-million plays. Check out the gif in the header of this article to see the gravity-defying stunt in action.

It’s not clear exactly why TheWhiteMask’s tank doesn’t simply crash and fall into the water. The most obvious theory would be that the shot they fired somehow “bounced” them out of their unintentional pitfall but their shot was clearly fired before they began to fall and you can even see it sail off towards their opponent.

Viewers will likely be scratching their heads just as much as TheWhiteMask no doubt was for a good long while over this one. Then again, it’s probably better to not look a gift horse in the mouth, as the old saying goes.


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