Assassin's Creed Origins' patch adds new photo mode filters to up your selfie game.

Just watch out for crocodiles while you line up that shot.

The latest patch for Assassin’s Creed Origins adds new filters to the game’s photo mode.

Depth of field, temperature, tint, saturation, noise, exposure, vignette and noise are now all tweakable to score those perfect snaps. Patch  1.03 weighs in at 1.5GB on PS4, and 1.8GB on Xbox One, so get downloading and start cataloguing your journeys.

Reddit users are already using the mode to take some beautiful pictures, and here’s Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips documenting important details on his travels:

We’re big fans of open-world games including advanced photo modes. The recent Middle Earth: Shadow of War’s photo mode proved surprisingly powerful, letting us create these funky shots. We're hoping to have just as much fun with ACO

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