Today's World of Tanks Advent Calendar Deal Offers the IS-3A Ultimate Bundle

A capable Russian tank plus some extra goodies.

For the fourteenth day of Wargaming’s World of Tanks advent calendar, the studio is offering a discounted version of the IS-3A Ultimate bundle.

As with past advent calendar bundles, today’s discounted IS-3A Ultimate bundle is available for 24 hours only. The discount takes 23 percent off of the bundle’s usual $116.96 price point, knocking it down to $89.99.

Included in the bundle is the IS-3A tier VIII Russian Premium tank (obviously) along with a bonus garage slot, Vertical Stabilizer mod, Improved Ventilation mod, Gun Rammer mod, 5,000 gold, and 3,000,000 credits.

Sadly, for those collecting the segments for Wargaming’s holiday bonus download code, there’s no new segment today. If you want to get the four segments which have been revealed so far, simply head on over to the World of Tanks advent calendar and scroll back to the day one, day four, day seven, and day twelve entries. There, the code segments can be found by mousing over the small yellow spots with your left mouse button clicked down.

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