World of Tanks Holiday Ops Event Starts on December 16th

Earn rewards by spreading holiday cheer.

Wargaming is kicking off yet another holiday event for World of Tanks. Entitled “Holiday Ops,” the new event is set to last for an entire month beginning tomorrow, December 16th, and ending on January 16th, 2017.

While the Holiday Ops event is live, each and every World of Tanks player will find a New Year’s Tree and special KV-2 “Snowitzer” tank in their garage. Twelve different missions will also be live (details for each mission can be found on the World of Tanks website). Completing those missions will award item crates which contain holiday decorations and special presents, such as new tanks and bonus garage slots.

The holiday decorations can then be adorned on both the Snowitzer and New Year’s Tree to up a player’s “Festive Atmosphere” level. There are ten Festive Atmosphere levels in total. Each level grants a new series of rewards including in-game consumables, personal reserves, and permanent discounts on select Premium tanks, which remain valid even after the Holiday Ops event ends.

Decorations also come in various levels; players will have the ability to use the event’s “Merry Mixology” feature and combine five decorations of one level into a single decoration of a higher level, thus improving their overall Festive Atmosphere level.

For more on the World of Tanks, learn more about the 9.17 update which is now live.



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