World of Tanks T-44-100 Ultimate Bundle on Sale for Today Only

Day 15 of the advent calendar is now live.

The fifteenth day of Wargaming’s World of Tanks advent calendar has arrived, bringing with it a noticeable discount on the T-44-100 Ultimate bundle.

By now, you probably know the advent calendar drill. In case you don’t, each advent calendar deal is a one-day-only affair, which allows buyers to take advantage of some pretty solid Premium tank discounts. Today’s deal cuts 16 percent off of the T-44-100 Ultimate bundle, reducing its price from $95.33 to $79.99. For that price you get the following:

  • T-44-100 Tier VIII Premium Russian Tank
  • Bonus Garage Slot
  • Gun Rammer Mod
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mod
  • Improved Ventilation Mod
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 1,500,000 Credits

If you want to purchase the bundle while it’s available, you can do so here. Today’s advent calendar entry for the T-44-100 doesn’t contain any new segments for the holiday bonus code which Wargaming is slowly teasing out throughout the month. However, if you want to catch up on previous segments, you can do so by scrolling back to the calendar’s day one, day four, day seven, and day twelve entries.

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to also read about how the game’s 9.17 update is now live.  



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