Two More World of Tanks Holiday Code Segments Now Available

Be sure to grab segments five and six.

Over the weekend, Wargaming unveiled a new holiday bonus code segment which (when all eight codes are collected), grants access to an exclusive in-game gift for World of Tanks. Today, yet another segment has been revealed, bringing the current tally of available codes to six out of eight.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the holiday bonus code is divided up into eight segments (much like other World of Tanks digital codes), and Wargaming has been slowly revealing each segment throughout December via the month-long World of Tanks advent calendar.

The advent calendar offers a new limited-time deal every 24 hours, and on certain days, it also reveals a new segment of the code. It is assumed that the eighth and final segment won’t be revealed until the final day of the advent calendar, December 24th. However, fans can now reveal and jot down the first six segments while they wait.

Code segments can be found by scrolling back to the appropriate days on the advent calendar and “scratching off” the small yellow spots found on each page by mousing over them with your left mouse button pressed down.

For a quick reference, the six segments that are now available can be found on day one, day four, day seven, day twelve, day seventeen, and day nineteen of the World of Tanks advent calendar. Also, if you’re interested, today’s advent calendar entry offers a discount on the basic Cromwell B bundle.

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to read about the latest group of TankRewards missions which are set to last until after Christmas.



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