Redditor Breaks Down Tier 10 Light Tank Stats for World of Tanks

An in-depth look at some popular tier 10 light tanks.

If you’re the sort of World of Tanks players who enjoys diving into the nitty gritty of individual tank stats in order to get the most out of your gameplay, a new series of detailed breakdowns from the game’s Reddit community is something you’ll definitely appreciate.

Redditor iWrangleKittens recently posted a list on the World of Tanks subreddit which features a detailed look at several different upcoming tier 10 light tanks including the Wz-132-1, the AMX 13 105, the T-100, the Rhm. Panzerwagen, and the XM551 Sheridan. For each tank, there’s a comprehensive overview which includes basic tank stats, a more in-depth look at each tank’s available weaponry, and even color-coded schematics that highlight each tank’s individual armor properties and weak spots.

Studying the above tier 10 tank breakdowns is certainly a great way to improve your World of Tanks skills and prepare for when they are released into the full game, but if you’re looking for more ways to become a better World of Tanks player, you should also make sure you’re up to date on the game’s terminology. Fortunately, we just so happen to have a TankWarRoom guide which covers just that!   

Update: At the time of the original writing, I wasn't aware that the above mentioned tanks aren't actually in the game yet. The article's text has been updated to reflect this. Thanks to community member Vanishing Act for letting me know.


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