5 Easy Snacks for Holiday Gaming

Simple snacks to pair with your play sessions over the holiday break.

The holidays are about good food and great company, and for many people, it’s the perfect time to relax and get in some much-needed video game therapy. Snacking and gaming often go hand in hand, and we’ve got five easy snack ideas for gamers to enjoy during their holiday play sessions. Any recipes we include in this list can be found through the linked text under each image. 

When it comes to gaming snacks, players should have something that’s not too messy and that won’t make their controllers or keyboards dirty or greasy. Some of these ideas are a bit contrary to that, as they are just too tasty to pass up. However, we hope these ideas will help you take your gaming snacks to the next level. 

Pizza Poppers

Image Credit: Cooking For Keeps 

Ditch the frozen pizza bites and go for making your own pizza poppers instead. All you really need is a tin of refrigerated crescent dough, cheese, and whatever pizza toppings you prefer, along with a side of marinara for dipping. This easy, bite-sized version of pizza is perfect for a long gaming session. These sure beat trying to eat a floppy, greasy slice of pizza over your keyboard. 

Crescent Dogs

Image Credit: Pillsbury 

An easy way to turn hot dogs into gamer-friendly snacks is to wrap them in crescent rolls. Crescent dogs are quite easy to make and can be dressed up with whatever condiments you like. Go for smaller hot dogs if you want to make these bite-sized, and if you plan to game for a few hours, bake a batch of these crescent dogs ahead of time to keep your hunger at bay while playing. 

Nacho Bean Dip

Image Credit: Betty Crocker 

Spice up that boring bag of tortilla chips with this easy, hearty recipe for slow-cooker nacho bean dip. This dip is low-effort, allowing you to do less preparation and more gaming. All you have to do for this recipe is plop a few ingredients into a slow cooker and let them cook for a couple hours.  Play a few multiplayer matches, and the dip will be ready to go before you know it. 

Festive Chex Mix & Popcorn Mix

Image Credit: What’s Gaby Cooking 

We’re all for sticking to low-effort snack ideas. While there are plenty of fancy holiday Chex Mix concoctions out there, keep in mind that you can just as easily toss your favorite Chex Mix or popcorn into a bowl with some pretzels or cookies to munch on while gaming. If you don’t mind a bit of effort and potential stickiness, however, feel free to melt some chocolate chips and drizzle it over your mix for a sweet, festive treat. 

“Clean” Candy

Image Credit: Welcome to Crest Avenue 

Keeping with the notion of non-messy snacks, another idea is to opt for “clean” candies, such as Skittles, Jelly Belly’s, or M&M’s. Chocolates can melt and become a sticky mess, while individually wrapped candies are too much effort to deal with while gaming. Toss a combo of your favorite no-mess candies into a bowl, and if you’re feeling festive, go for holiday colors like red and green. 

Hopefully this list of easy snack ideas will help keep you satisfied while you play games over the holidays. Let us know what your favorite holiday snacks are in the comments below!


Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything.


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