Name That Tank - Episode 3

See if you can identify the tank we're using in the video!

We're back with another episode of Name That Tank! Take a good look at the tank we're using in our video. Once you think you know which tank this is, leave your guess in the comment section below this article or on the video itself.  We were impressed by the number of correct guesses we received on the previous episode. You guys know your tanks!

Take your time and think carefully. If identifying the tank was too easy, challenge yourself by seeing if you can name the specific gun that is mounted on the tank as well. If you guess correctly, you get a virtual pat on the back and will have earned major kudos from us.

At the moment there’s no physical or digital prize for correct answers, but soon we’ll have some goodies to give away. This series is mainly just for fun to see how well some of you really know the tanks in World of Tanks just by appearance alone. If you're interested in guessing more tanks, head over to our previous episode of Name That Tank to try your luck at that video as well. 

Check back with us here and test your tank knowledge in future episodes!


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