What is a Tomato in World of Tanks?

We help you understand what a Tomato is in World of Tanks.

This guide will answer the burning question on everyone’s mind—what is a Tomato in World of Tanks? If you’ve played the game enough, or spent times on the forums and the subreddit, the chances are you have seen this come up. Today, we’ll teach you what it is so you can be part of the conversation.

What is a Tomato in World of Tanks?

Simply put, a Tomato is someone who has a WN8 rating that is below 450, or a win rate of 46% or lower. Of course, this brings up an entirely new question—what is WN8 and how do I find out what mine is?

What is WN8 in World of Tanks?

As the linked article mentioned, WN8 is an algorithm that is used to try and accurately judge your skill in World of Tanks. This algorithm will assign you a number based on several factors, and that number comes with a color to represent your skill level. A Tomato (WN8 less than 450) is assigned the color red, which is where the term Tomato came from.

However, this might still leave you wondering how players in World of Tanks know that you’re a Tomato while playing in a match. Surely, they aren’t visiting the WoT Labs to judge every player in a lobby in the 30 seconds before a round begins.

What is XVM in World of Tanks?

Follow this chart from WoT Labs to determine the color of your stats.

Some players are choosing to use a World of Tanks mod called XVM. This stands for Extended Visualization Mod. The XVM will tweak various visualization aspects in World of Tanks, including giving players the option to see a player’s color assignment which, as we’ve discussed, is based on their WN8 rating. You can grab the XVM mod directly from their website if you’d like to give it a shot. It currently does not violate the fair play policy recently updated by World of Tanks. Keep in mind that if you want to use the same color system that WoT Labs uses, you’ll need to also download a file from their site.

That should do it. Now you know what WN8 is, what mods you can use to track other player’s WN8 ratings in-game, and you even know what a Tomato is in World of Tanks.


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