Wargaming Wants Your World of Tanks RNG Video Clips

You could be featured in an official video.

RNG, or Random Number Generation, is a World of Tanks mechanic that many casual players likely aren’t even aware of, yet it is an important mechanic to understand if you want to break into the higher tiers of play. In order to help bring newer players up to speed, Wargaming is planning to make an official RNG video for the North American World of Tanks website, and they want actual players to help submit footage for the video.

According to this stickied thread on the World of Tanks subreddit, there’s a bit of a process you have to go through if you’ve recorded a clip which you feel would be a good contribution to the RNG video:

  • Go to the WoT Replays website
  • Upload replay from recent patch with something RNG-Worthy
  • In “Replay Description” put in-game time stamp of RNG submission
  • In “Replay Description” include your own caption or why it’s RNG material
  • WoTReplay Naming Convention: NA RNG – (Insert your title here)

Once your replay is live on the WoT Replays site, you also have to post a link to the replay in the above Reddit thread. Players whose clips are chosen will be awarded with 1,500 in-game gold, though Wargaming warns that if any of the above rules aren’t followed or if it is determined that the player recording the clip purposefully ruined the match they were in, a player’s clip can be disqualified.

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to read about how it’s sometimes better to just disable all your mods and enjoy the game’s vanilla version. 


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