Wargaming Permanently Bans 19 World of Tanks Cheaters

Nearly 500 penalties have been doled out.

Wargaming is working hard to make sure that the new Fair Play Policy for World of Tanks is doing the most good it can, and the company’s latest stats on the amount of cheaters that were discovered shows that the system is indeed working very well.

In this brief update on the World of Tanks website, Wargaming gave the following statement:

“Since the introduction of the Fair Play Policy, we've been working hard to create a fairer and more fun experience for everyone, and we have a new update on that front. Recently, 479 accounts were penalized for using illegal third-party modifications. 19 were repeat offenders and received permanent bans. Additional players are under investigation.

We’ll continue fighting to ensure that World of Tanks has an ecosystem that's as fair as possible, and will monitor battle data to reduce the instances of cheating. We encourage everyone to read up on the rules and expect further updates.”

Obviously the best way to ensure you don’t get punished by the Fair Play Policy is to not use any illegal third-party mods, but as some dedicated players attest, it can also be pretty fun to play with no mods at all.


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