New World of Tanks Tank Mastery Missions Are Now Live

There are five new tanks for you to master.

If you’re ready to take some new tanks for a spin in World of Tanks and hopefully earn some fresh Ace Tanker badges, you’re in luck, as a new series of Tank Mastery missions is now live.

As always, these new Tank Mastery missions task players with earning the Ace Tanker mastery badge while using specific tanks. How do you earn the Ace Tanker badge, you ask? All you have to do is earn more Base XP in a single battle than the average highest amount earned by 99 percent of all other players using the same tank in the past seven days. The five tanks which are currently up for Tank Mastery challenges are as follows:

  • O-Ho
  • B-C 25 t
  • SP 1 C
  • T-28 Prototype
  • T-28 with F-30

If you don’t happen to yet own the T-28 with F-30 tank, you’ll be happy to know that it is currently available in the newest World of Tanks Premium Shop bundle. All of the above Tank Mastery missions are available until January 16th, so you have a little time to polish up your skills before going for the Ace Tanker badges.



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