Wargaming EU Explains Penetration in World of Tanks

A detailed video breakdown of how armor penetration works.

As any experienced World of Tanks player already knows, achieving victory is about a lot more than just finding an enemy, aiming at them, and firing. How much damage you do to an enemy tank is determined by several different variables, none of which are more important than armor penetration. If you’re not completely up to speed on what armor penetration is and how much it can be altered, Wargaming’s EU YouTube channel is here to help.

As Wargaming explains in the video below, a number of different factors can affect your tank’s armor penetration rating, which in turn affects how much you damage any enemy tanks you manage to hit.

You’ll obviously do less damage if your target is behind cover or if you hit its frontal section (most tanks are more vulnerable on their sides and back), but picking the right shell type from the four that are available can also make a big difference, as certain tanks are more vulnerable to certain kinds of shells. Additionally, distance can play a major factor, as some tanks lose their armor penetrating capabilities if their target is far away.

Be sure to give the full video a watch if you want to become more familiar with World of Tanks’ armor penetration mechanics. Once you’ve gotten a handle on how armor penetration works, you may just be ready to try out the new series of Tank Mastery missions, which are now live.



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