New World of Warships Mission Focuses on Destroyers

It’s time to search and destroy.

Wargaming has kicked off a new in-game mission for World of Warships which tasks players with putting their destroyer-piloting skills to the test.

The new mission, titled “Resolute Destroyers,” is a repeatable mission which grants a +25 percent bonus to all XP earned by finishing in the top five XP earners on your team in a random battle. The catch is that you must do so while using a tier IV or higher destroyer.

It’s a tall order to be sure, especially for less-experienced World of Warships players, but if you’ve been looking for an ideal time to level up some of your destroyer-class ships, you might want to listen for the sound of a bell because it tolls for thee.

Whenever you want to take a break from leveling up your destroyer ships, you should also check out the second batch of fan-submitted World of Warships questions which Wargaming recently decided to answer. Topics covered in the Q&A include the return of the World of Warships outer space map, the possibility of a full replay system, and the potential addition of new ships from the region of Italy.



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