Name That Tank - Episode 5

Test your tank knowledge for a chance to win a prize!

We're back with another episode of Name That Tank! See how well you know your tanks in World of Tanks by identifying the tank we're using in the video below.  For an added challenge, try to identify which specific gun is equipped on the tank as well.

When you think you know the answer, head over to our Facebook page and write your response in the comment section below the post for Name That Tank Episode 5. You must guess both the tank and the gun correctly for the chance to win a prize. Those who answer correctly on Facebook will be entered to win a special World of Tanks bundle that includes an M4 Improved with 100% trained Crew, 7 days of Premium account time, and 500 Gold!

Please note that the in-game prize bundle code is only valid for North America PC accounts only. You must answer on the Facebook post itself for a chance to win the bundle.

Take your time and get a good look at the video. If guessing this tank was too easy, check out some of our previous episodes to see if you can name those as well. We look forward to seeing how many of you can Name That Tank in World of Tanks!


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