World of Tanks Turan III Bundles Now Available

New missions and bonuses are also on the way.

Wargaming is continuing to pile on more and more reasons to dive headfirst into World of Tanks during the month of January. Not only is there a new series of discounted bundles for the Turan III Premium tank, but starting this weekend, new missions and bonuses will also be available.

The new Turan III bundles are available now and will remain so until January 23rd. There are three different bundles to choose from with more expensive bundles coming packaged with bonus gold and tank mods on top of the Turan III Premium tank.

Starting tomorrow, January 13th, the first victory a player earns each day will award three times the usual XP amount. In addition, extra garage slots are having their gold price cut in half. There will also be a new series of in-game missions, one in honor of Friday the 13th and a fresh batch of five Tank Mastery missions.

The XP bonus, discounted garage slots, and Friday the 13th mission will remain live until January 16th, while the Tank Mastery missions will stick around until January 23rd. The Friday the 13th mission tasks players with destroying a total of 13 enemy vehicles and the five new Tank Mastery missions are for the following tanks:

  • Turan III
  • FV4004 Conway
  • ST-I
  • Type 5 Chi-Ri
  • AMX 13 75

For more on the latest World of Tanks coverage, be sure to check out our recent guide on how to use in-game equipment.



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