Enjoy a Plethora of World of Tanks January Contests and Promotions

Celebrate World of Tanks outside the game and earn prizes!

It is simply staggering how much new World of Tanks stuff Wargaming is hosting for the month of January, stuff which includes a large variety of out-of-game promotions as well.

First, players can fill out this player survey for a chance to be featured in an upcoming World of Tanks showcase. Fans can also use the hashtag #PlayerAppreciation on either Facebook or Twitter to spotlight a helpful player they met and, if their comment or tweet is chosen, win a prize.

Prizes can also be won through Wargaming’s monthly IMADETHISFORWG contest in which players can submit pictures of their coolest World of Tanks-themed creations to the IMADETHISFORWG@wargaming.net email address.

Starting on January 21st, Wargaming will also be on the lookout for livestreamers who are streaming World of Tanks. Streamers can drop a link to their stream in this forum post and if your stream is chosen, you’ll win prizes like the Rheinmetall Skorpion G Premium tank and/or 500 gold for every five viewers you have on your stream.

Lastly, Wargaming is prepping a Corsair Steampunk tank design contest for January 15th, so stay tuned for more details on that. A full breakdown of the above events can be found here.

For more on World of Tanks, be sure to read about the new Swedish tank-focused TankRewards missions which are now live.  



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