Wargaming Details Its 2017 Plans for World of Warships

There’s a lot to look forward to.

2017 is going to be a big year for World of Warships and, in a new developer diary, Wargaming has outlined just how big it will be.

The below video offers a 10-minute look into what Wargaming has on deck for World of Warships in 2017, but if you’d rather not sit through a video, you can also peruse the included bullet list of features:

  • More branches for the British tech tree
  • Two new branches of French ships
  • Soviet destroyer changes! Look for two destroyer sub-branches: "Destroyer Leaders" and "Artillery Destroyers"
  • Legendary Commanders
  • Earnable ship upgrades
  • Commander Skill Tree changes
  • PvE (Cooperative) missions
  • Clans and clan battles
  • Sound improvements: Dynamic music and the ability to modify the sound files of shots, torpedoes and more!
  • Graphics improvements

In addition to the above features, a new line of German destroyer ships is also planned for release in 2017. These new ships will join the German battleships and cruisers which are already in the game.

For more on World of Warships, be sure to read our previous coverage of how the game’s Santas Wanted event recently got extended



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