Win Prizes By Using World of Tanks' New Swedish Tanks

Lots of prizes for little effort.

Wargaming is excited about the recent addition of Swedish tanks to the World of Tanks roster and they want players to be excited as well, hence a new series of missions which offers rewards simply for taking the new Swedish additions into battle.

A new series of missions is now live and will remain so until February 20th. These missions involve taking specific Swedish tanks into any battle and finishing that battle. Win or lose, players will receive prizes such as consumables, equipment, and even Personal Reserves for each mission they complete.

Both the new line of Swedish tank destroyers and mixed branch heavy tanks have missions associated with them, with specific tanks as follows (bear in mind that there’s a mission associated with each tank, which means 18 missions in total):

Tank Destroyers

  • Ikv 72
  • Ikv 103
  • Ikv 90 B
  • Ikv 65 II
  • Sav m/43
  • Pvlvv fm/42
  • UDES 03
  • Strv 103-0
  • Strv 103B

Light, Medium, and Heavy Tanks

  • Strv m/38
  • Strv m/40L
  • Strv m/42
  • Strv 74
  • Emil I
  • Emil II
  • Lago
  • Kranvagn
  • Leo

If you’re already enamored with the new Swedish tanks, make sure you check out the new TankRewards missions which are also now live.

If, however, you’re not totally up to speed on the new Swedish tanks, the below videos should help.



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