World of Warships Update 0.6.0 Now Live

Elite Commander XP, new Commander skills, clans, and more are now part of the game.

Wargaming has officially launched the 0.6.0 update for World of Warships, introducing a host of new features alongside technical and visual improvements.

The main highlights of update 0.6.0 include the following:

  • A new type of earnable XP called Elite Commander XP, which allows players to more easily train new Commanders once they have at least one Commander who has reached the 19 skill point cap.
  • An entirely new set of Commander skills.
  • New cosmetic additions, such as revamped ship exteriors and Commander portraits.
  • The debut of player-created clans.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Clans cost 2,500 Doubloons to create and a single clan can include up to 30 players.

In addition to the above features, there’s also a new Chinese-themed “Dragon Port” option and a feature that lets new players try out World of Warships without having to first register a account.

Non-registered players will have restrictions placed on their accounts (no credit/XP conversions, no purchasing of Doubloons or Premium time, etc.) but they can transition into a registered account at any time and retain any progress they made while non-registered.

A full list of patch notes for update 0.6.0 can be found here.

For more on World of Warships, be sure to read our coverage of Wargaming’s long-term 2017 plans for the game.



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