Microsoft responds to suggestions Xbox exclusive line-up is weak

"We do have more coming."

Microsoft publishing exec Shannon Loftis has said she is happy with the current Xbox One games line-up and expects us to see more exclusives in future, even though in an ideal world she would love to have more.

"I think our offering is good and it is solid. I definitely hear that gamers want more. Would we love to have two-dozen more super-strong, absolutely exclusives? You bet," she said in conversation with GameSpot to mark the launch of Xbox One X.

"We do have more coming - more that are in the works that we're not talking about now. But I feel good about what we have to offer for the launch."

Loftis also defended Microsoft's decision to let Xbox Play Anywhere titles work happily across PC and Xbox One, saying it cannot be a bad thing to have games on more platforms.

It's hard to argue with that, but it does continue to erode the case for buying an Xbox One - and especially the super expensive new Xbox One X. Take Forza Motorsport 7, for example - Xbox One X will elevate it to new graphical heights on console, but if you have a gaming PC then you can already do that with the PC version.

Xbox One X launches worldwide tomorrow, November 7.


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