World of Tanks Historical Series Covers the Cromwell

Check out this video overview of one of Britain’s finest tanks.

World of Tanks Historical is a new fan-made YouTube series which delves into the real-life history behind some of the most popular vehicles in World of Tanks. For the series’ second episode, World of Tanks Historical decided to take a look at the British Cromwell cruiser tank.

If you enjoy learning more about the various tanks which are featured in World of Tanks, you’ll find the entire 11-minute video from World of Tanks Historical both informative and engaging. However, if you don’t currently have the time or the inclination to sit through an entire video, here are some quick facts about the British Cromwell tank:

  • The Cromwell officially entered active service in January of 1943.
  • Cruiser tanks were designed to be both fast and highly maneuverable, and the entire concept of cruiser tanks was developed by the British during the short time period between WWI and WWII.
  • The original line of cruiser tanks (before the Cromwell) had no high explosive capabilities which means they were mainly meant to directly engage enemy tanks.
  • The Cromwell was one of the very first British tanks which came equipped with both a main turret cannon and a smaller rotating turret, the latter of which allowed it to better engage enemy infantry.

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