World of Warships Public Testing for Update 0.6.1 Begins January 26th

Help test the next ranked season, a new inventory tool, and more!

World of Warships’ 0.6.0 update is barely a week old but Wargaming is already looking towards the future and what’s in store for the game’s 0.6.1 update. If you want to help test the new features which are coming in update 0.6.1, you’ll be able to get your chance as early as tomorrow, January 26th.

Wargaming has announced that a public test period for update 0.6.1 is scheduled to begin on January 26th and last until February 6th. During that time, those who have access to the World of Warships public test server will be able to test four different features which will be included in the update. These include:

  • A brand new inventory management tool.
  • New ship modernizations (including the debut of rare modernizations).
  • Improvements to the game’s music system which automatically switches music tracks during different states of engagement.
  • A test version of the game’s sixth season of ranked battles.

The public test will also allow participants to check out the newly revamped visuals for the Ice Islands and Northern Lights maps, and players can also earn rewards for their live accounts by completing specific tasks in the public test. The following public test missions will be available during the entire duration of the test:

  • Earn three of every signal flag type by playing at least one random or co-op battle on the public test server to completion.
  • Earn 10 Type 6 camouflage patterns (each of which grants +100 percent XP for a single battle) by earning at least 8,000 base XP in random or co-op test server battles while using any tier VIII, IX, or X ship.
  • Earn one day of Premium account time by reaching rank 1 in the test version of ranked season six.

If you haven’t yet registered for the World of Warships public test server, you can find steps for doing so here


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