WGLNA Team Lose Their Minds Over Teammate's Shot

Nearly as clutch as it gets.

WGLNA Season 2 has been heating up recently, with intense matches being played every week by some of the best World of Tanks players in North America. Given the skill levels of these competitors, we were bound to see at least a few amazing moments come out of these matches at some point. Only two weeks into Season 2, one eagle-eyed WGLNA competitor delivered on that expectation. 

The competitor in question was Chase_potato, or “Chase” for short, one of the skilled players from team Déjà Vu (now called Dare Rising). During one of the offline matches of the evening, the team was scheduled to face off against eClipse in a best-of-nine series of matches. 

The boys of Déjà Vu were leading 3-1 going into the fifth match on the map Ghost Town. Team eClipse managed to pick off each of their opponents, leaving Chase as the last man standing for Déjà Vu. With only 30-seconds left on the clock, the three remaining players on eClipse had moved in to begin securing the capture point. It looked as though this match would indeed go the way of eClipse this time. 

Chase had other plans, however. While perched up on a hill in his Swedish UDES 03 tank destroyer, Chase managed to spot one of eClipse’s tanks hiding behind the ruins down below. With a single well-placed shot, Chase_potato destroyed Masterpupil, resetting the cap and securing the win for his team. 

You can watch the epic shot from Chase_potato’s perspective in the video below. The excitement from Chase’s teammates clearly could not be contained. Fair warning, you should probably turn down the volume, especially if you’re wearing headphones.


Learn more about Dare Rising’s name change and their thoughts on this season so far in our WGLNA team profile for Dare Rising. Check out our latest WGLNA match recap to get caught up on the most recent events in World of Tanks esports.


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