Over 100 Games In Development for the Nintendo Switch

More than 70 different game developers have signed on.

During a recent Nintendo investor’s meeting, it was revealed that there are currently over 100 different games currently in development for the company’s upcoming Switch console.

According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, the livestream demo event which Nintendo held on January 13th helped to drastically increase interest in the console:

“After the presentation on January 13th, we have continued to receive requests from more and more software publishers who want to develop games for the system. At the presentation, we announced that there were over 80 titles in development from more than 50 software publishers, but that number has now climbed to over 100 titles from more than 70 publishers.”

Kimishima also explained that Nintendo doesn’t want to front-load the Switch with a ton of games at launch. Instead, they’ve opted to space out the release of new games over the course of the year. Still, if there were any fans out there who were worried about a lack of games to play on the Switch, it would seem as though Nintendo has assuaged those fears.

Here’s hoping a large portion of those 100+ games will be available in a physical format, as maintaining a large digital library of Switch titles may not be the best route to take. 



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