World of Tanks Groundhog Day Bundles and Missions Now Live

Save big and score some cool in-game bonuses over the next few days

Groundhog Day may not be the most exciting or drawn out holiday, but that isn’t stopping Wargaming from hosting a few World of Tanks celebrations.

The Groundhog Day discounts and missions listed below are now live and will only stick around until next Monday, February 6tth, so be sure to act fast if you want to take advantage of them. The main highlight of the Groundhog Day weekend is a series of discounted tanks, each of which also comes with a bonus garage slot. The following tanks are available at a discounted price:

  • Patton KR - $39.99
  • Panzer Mutz - $39.99
  • T-44-100 - $54.99
  • VK 45.03 - $35.99
  • III K - $12.99
  • Turán III - $9.99
  • Rheinmetall Skorpion - $48.99

There are also two special Groundhog Day missions available:

Feel Like I Did This One Already (Can be completed an indefinite number of times)

  • Earn double the amount of Crew XP in a battle by being in the top five XP earners on your team for that battle.

Making The Most of Every Day (Can be completed once per day)

  • Earn two 1-hour +300 percent Crew XP vouchers and some Personal Reserves by being in the top five XP earners on your team in ten separate battles in a single day.

If you also happen to be a newer World of Tanks players, you might want to check out these recently added newbie-friendly missions as well. 


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