11 Best Super Bowl 51 Commercials

Number six goes full 50 Shades of Grey and NSFW.

The best Super Bowl 51 commercials were almost the biggest story of the evening. Almost, except that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had to go and stage the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to give Brady his fifth ring.

Still, Super Bowl ads are one of the other great reasons to watch the game, but we’re guessing a lot of people missed them. Maybe you missed a good one because you were grabbing more guacamole, or perhaps you just turned the game off because that thing was more over than Ronda Rousey’s career after Amanda Nunes punched her into retirement.

To get you caught up, we’ve collected a list of the best Super Bowl 51 commercials and, in most cases, the extended versions that you didn't get to see during the game. Click through and watch what a few million dollars gets you.

A Better Super Bowl - Hyundai

One of our favorite Super Bowl 51 commercials came after the game was over. Hyundai ran an ad that showed soldiers stationed overseas watching the game with their family members via video feed. Not only is it impressive that they managed to put this together so quickly, but it’s great to see an ad focused on military personnel who weren’t able to watch with loved ones. It was a good reminder of how well off most of us are.



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