Destiny 2 player solos Prestige Nightfall mode

There's no stopping Esoterickk.

Destiny content creator Esoterickk has somehow managed to solo the game's new Prestige Nightfall mode, despite the insane difficulty and time pressure involved in doing so.

If you want to see how he did it, check out the video below:

The Prestige version of the Nightfall has a recommended power level of 300, which is the theoretical maximum for Destiny 2 at the moment - even the Raid only recommends 260-280 - and imposes various restrictions on participants.

Players have to jump through hoops in the air to add time to a countdown clock that constantly threatens to end the activity, there's a modifier that cycles through elemental damage types, rendering some of them useless for a minute at a time, and no loadout changes are allowed, so players cannot choose other weapons or switch subclasses.

This represents an incredibly tough challenge for a three-player fireteam, let alone a single player, but Esoterickk continues the strong Destiny tradition of crazy players bucking the odds. Watch the video and enjoy.


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