World of Warships Update 0.6.1 Goes Live Today

The update contains a long list of changes and additions.

Wargaming is deploying the massive 0.6.1 update for World of Warships today, which should be live by the time you read this.

The update 0.6.1 is massive, containing a long laundry list of changes, fixes, and new gameplay additions. You can read the full list of the update’s patch notes here, or you can recap a more concise synopsis of what the update contains down below.

  • A new special upgrades system which allows players to find special ship upgrades in supercontainers and by winning ranked battles.
  • A revamped inventory tool which lets players more easily manage their inventory of items and even sell unneeded items for credits.
  • The return of ranked battles with a sixth ranked season that will begin in the near future and focus on Tier VII ships.
  • Changes to the game’s economics system and the range of items players can find in containers.
  • The ability to use custom sound files for firing various ship guns.
  • Updated visuals for the Northern Lights and Ice Islands maps.
  • The Bastion game mode has been temporarily disabled so Wargaming can give it an overhaul.
  • In-game interface has been streamlined.
  • Exterior appearances for several ships have been tweaked to be more authentic. 

If you want to see some of the new content in action before booting the game up, you can also watch a video overview of update 0.6.1 below.

While you’re checking out all the new 0.6.1 additions, be sure to give the new torpedo-focused in-game mission a whirl as well.



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