How to Download the For Honor Open Beta

Steps for pre-loading the For Honor beta this weekend.

The For Honor Open Beta begins tomorrow, giving eager fans one last chance to experience the game and give their feedback prior to For Honor’s launch next Tuesday. We’ll explain how to download the For Honor beta client on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for those looking to participate in the Open Beta this weekend. 

How to Download the For Honor Open Beta

The For Honor Open Beta will go live on Xbox One, PS4, and PC starting tomorrow, February 9th and is available for pre-loading now. The For Honor Open Beta requires almost 19GB of space, so be sure to make room ahead of time. Check the For Honor Open Beta start and end times so that you can participate in as much of the beta as possible. 

PC Download

PC: Since For Honor is a Ubisoft title, PC players who aren’t using Steam must launch the beta through Uplay. Open the Free Games list on Uplay, then locate the For Honor Open Beta.

Steam: Steam users can search for “For Honor Beta” in the Store and press Install Game to begin downloading the beta.

Console Download

To play the For Honor Open Beta on consoles, you must navigate to either the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store and search for the For Honor Beta. Click the beta from within the store to begin downloading. 

Already Played in the For Honor Closed Beta?

If you have previously participated in one of For Honor’s closed beta tests and still have the beta installed, then the client should automatically update to Version 1.03 when the open beta begins. 

If you were in one of the For Honor closed betas but have since deleted the beta client, you will need to locate the beta on whatever you played it on to re-install it again. PC players using Uplay should find the beta in the Library. Simply download the beta along with its patch update to prepare for the Open Beta. 

Xbox One: Navigate to your Games and Apps section and look for the For Honor beta in the Ready to Install subsection to download the beta once more. To view hidden apps, press both triggers and X on the controller. 

PS4: Simply head to the Library section and re-download the For Honor beta from there. Be sure to also download the patch update to convert it to the open beta version. 

For Honor is set to release on February 14, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more details on the For Honor Open Beta, check out Ubisoft's For Honor FAQ page. Let us know if you’ll be participating in the For Honor Open Beta this weekend!


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