Top 5 Insane Battlefield 1 Moments

Number two will restore your faith in gaming humanity.

We live in a time where most of our information is obtained in bite-sized bits from various social media platforms. Perhaps it’s a cat video on Facebook, or an out-of-this-world Super Bowl catch on Twitter. The same is true for video games. Most people just don’t want to read 2,000 words on the impact gaming has on the development of children…or something like that. They want to see someone make a crazy play, and they want it presented to them in way that’s easy to swallow. Well, here you go. These are the five most insane plays we’ve ever seen in Battlefield 1, presented to you in GIF and video form.

The Hero We Need

This is one of my favorite GIFs from Battlefield 1. Actually, it’s one of my favorite GIFs from any Battlefield game in history. Watching this player run along the blimp as they were nearly engulfed in flames, staying committed to the cause, was inspiring. I mean, they could have jumped off the side at any time and floated to the ground via parachute, but then we wouldn’t have this treasure of a clip.



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