Watch a Skilled Overwatch Torbjorn Player Save His Teammate's Life

Blink and you’ll miss it.

In Overwatch, having good team synergy can mean the difference between resounding victory and crushing defeat. Sometimes, this comfortable cooperation between teammates can even be displayed in the most minute of moments.

For example, Redditor GameFreakDE shared the below GIF in which they somehow manage to miraculously survive getting hooked by an enemy Roadhog player, a circumstance which often leads to a quick death for the player getting hooked:

As you can see in the GIF’s slo-mo replay, GameFreakDE’s survival isn’t a miracle at all but a result of the clutch armor toss from a friendly Torbjorn player. In turn, this granted the otherwise squishy McCree the extra health he needed to survive the Roadhog player’s attack. Needless to say, I’d definitely want that Torbjorn player on my Overwatch team!

For more clutch plays which have unexpected and (in this case) hilarious consequences, be sure to check out our previous coverage of one Destiny player who discovered the game’s unique grenade physics the hard way.   



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