Join the World of Tanks March 2017 Community Night

Participate in the event to get a free Meathead Militia tank emblem!

The World of Tanks subreddit moderators will be hosting a March 2017 Community Night in World of Tanks this weekend. The event takes place online this Saturday, March 4th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST, and is open to anyone on the NA server.


According to an announcement post on the World of Tanks subreddit, the Community Night will feature a number of fun events for players to participate in. These events include:

  • ELC racing: Racing with these tanks, pretty self explanatory.
  • Long Jump: Jumping off a point in Overlord and aiming for a tank on the beach. Any tank can be used.
  • Battle Boats: All arty, full forward only, TD mode, no stopping.
  • Battle Bridge: Push the other team off the bridge. Tank tiers 1-10.
  • High Explosive Sync Drop: All HE count-in pub match.

Although these events are subject to change without notice, the Community Night sounds like it’s shaping up to be a ton of fun. 


Everyone who attends the Community Night will receive three Meathead Militia emblems!
Everyone who attends the Community Night will receive Meathead Militia emblems!

Players can also win various in-game prizes, most of which are given out during the ELC racing event.  Prizes include 500 Gold, several Patriot tanks, a Skorpion G, an E-25, and the new Object 252 Defender. Best of all, everyone who attends the event will receive three Meathead Militia emblems to decorate their tanks with, just for showing up! 

How to Join the Community Night

To join the World of Tanks Community Night, you’ll need to download the Teamspeak 3 program on your PC and make sure you have a working headset connected. A mic isn’t required, as long as you can still hear the other players and type to them. 

You’ll then have to connect to the Reddit World of Tanks Teamspeak server at from within the Teamspeak client and sign in with the subreddit bot for tags. After that, simply join the Community Night Lobby. 

Once you’ve got Teamspeak squared away, you’ll have to meet up with everyone in-game. Connect to US East on World of Tanks, then click the Random Battle dropdown at the top of the Garage and select Team Training. From there, you must search for a room that’s hosted by one of the Reddit event coordinators. Keep an eye out for "RDDT" clan tags.

The World of Tanks Community Night is a great way to meet new players and earn some awesome in-game swag. Will you be attending this World of Tanks meetup on Saturday? Let us know in the comments!


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