5 Best Tech Gadgets for the Home Office

Spruce up your home office with these five nifty tech gadgets.

Whether you’re working at a desk or gaming for hours on a PC, the home office can be a place where you spend a lot of time. By adding the best tech and accessories, it’s easy to enhance your home office and make it a much more comfortable environment. Be careful though, because with the right gadgets, you may never want to leave. 

This list features five cool tech gadgets to enhance your office space and PC setup at home. We’ve chosen items based on their utility, as well as their overall awesomeness. While having the latest tech gadgets is nice, don’t forget to protect your tech investments by keeping your PC and office area clean and tidy

Amazon Echo

No home office is truly complete without its own office assistant. Rather than bribing someone to sit outside your office door and pretend to be your secretary, you can simply hire Amazon Echo instead. 

Amazon Echo, also referred to as “Alexa”, is a wireless virtual assistant made by Amazon. Powered by Amazon Cloud services, Alexa features voice processing capabilities that allow the device to respond to questions and commands, utilizing its access to the web to perform a variety of helpful functions. 

The Amazon Echo comes in a smaller Echo Dot version as well.

Amazon Echo can play music from various free and paid music services, shop for products online, and even answer trivia questions. With the use of simple voice commands, Alexa will verbally reply to you and is even programmed to have witty responses to certain inquiries. 

You’ll find yourself talking to Alexa more often than you’d think. This virtual assistant can be used even for small tasks like searching for a word definition or looking up the latest sports scores. With Amazon Echo, you can take a break from the computer screen and have Alexa manage various online tasks for you. Soon, virtual assistants will become staples in many households, so you might want to invest in one of these gadgets for your own home office sooner than later.


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