How to Get the G28 in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Where you can find the G28 Sniper Rifle and G28 Scope location in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

This guide will show you how to get the G28 and the G28 Scope in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The G28 is a sniper rifle with a high rate of fire in Ghost Recon Wildlands, one that offers players a chance to take down enemies from afar while still having close-range potential thanks to the aforementioned fire rate. The G28 Scope is a 5X scope with a Red Dot on top that you can swap to.

Be prepared to go in silent and make a quick escape when looking for the G28, as this sniper rifle is located in one of the harder areas of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Without further ado, let's take you through the G28 location and G28 scope location in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

G28 location in Ghost Recon Wildlands

The G28 - How to get the G28 in Ghost Recon Wildlands
The G28 sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands is a high rate-of-fire weapon with poor handling. © Ubisoft

To get the G28 sniper rifle, you must head to the northern section of the San Mateo province. Note that San Mateo is located to the northwest of the starting province. You can either wait until you're sent there during a mission, or take a helicopter and fly directly to San Mateo on your own.

While San Mateo is currently greyed-out at the start of the game, you can actually infiltrate the area and claim the G28 earlier than expected. Just be prepared to face enemies that are tougher than what you're used to.

Map of the G28 location in Ghost Recon Wildlands
The easiest way into San Mateo and La Carcel Del Pueblo is via chopper. The bunker you're looking for is on the left-side of the camp. © Ubisoft

Once in San Mateo, head north and look for an enemy camp at the top of a cliff called La Carcel Del Pueblo. Inside La Carcel Del Pueblo, you'll find the G28 sniper rifle.

Sneaking into camp - The G28 scope location in Ghost Recon Wildlands
Land in a safe place so you can easily jump back into your ride once you've collected the G28 sniper rifle. © Ubisoft

If you are using a helicopter to infiltrate the area, you will be able to get in and out extremely easily. Simply fly the helicopter into the canyon, being careful not to hit the sides of the mountain. The G28 sniper rifle is located in an armory with a blue tarp on its roof.

Another way to spot the appropriate building is to look for a bunker with the sign “ARMERIA.” You can even use your drone to spot the tarp on the roof (if you were unable to secure a helicopter for an aerial insertion).

The Weapon Crate - Ghost Recon Wildlands G28 Scope location
Enter the armory and open the weapon crate to get the G28 sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands. © Ubisoft

Approach the bunker with caution, as there will be an enemy inside and plenty of enemies throughout. Once inside, look for the weapon crate and loot it to get the G28 sniper rifle, one of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ best sniper rifles. However, if you dislike the G28's rate of fire, consider getting the MSR sniper rifle.

After collecting your G28 sniper rifle, you can leave the enemy compound. Jump back into your helicopter if you landed in an appropriate area, commandeer an enemy vehicle, or simply run away.

G28 Scope location in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Confusingly, you can also find a sniper scope that's simply called "G28" as well, leading to some confusion when people are searching for one other the other. The Scope, thankfully is much easier to find. The G28 scope location is in the east of the Inca Camina region. Follow the road southeast from the Inca Camina Delta rally point. You'll reach an archaeological dig, and the G28 Scope is located in one of the buildings here. If you're having trouble, follow the video guide below by Streamer House.

Now that you have the G28 sniper rifle and the G28 Scope, you can use it to take down enemies from afar, which is extremely useful when trying to get the ACR Assault Rifle or the M4A1 Assault Rifle. If you want to improve your sniper rifles, remember to hunt down the T5Xi Tactical, a scope with the highest zoom in Ghost Recon Wildlands!

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