How to Get the Vector .45 ACP in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Discover the location and how to get the Vector .45 ACP SMG in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

This guide will show you how to get the Vector .45 ACP SMG in Ghost Recon Wildlands. it's a nippy little weapon, so players looking for more bang for their buck will be pleased with the rate-of-fire the Vector .45 ACP is able to achieve.

How to get the Vector .45 ACP

Media Luna map location - How to get the Vector in Ghost Recon Wildlands
The Vector .45 ACP can be found in the province of Media Luna. © Ubisoft

To get the Vector .45 ACP, you will need to either wait until the game sends you to Media Luna or commandeer a helicopter and fly across the border. Though Media Luna is a late-game area and greyed-out when you first start Ghost Recon Wildlands, you are still able to access the province and collect your Vector .45 ACP.

Due to Media Luna being a difficult area, we suggest picking up the HTI sniper rifle or the MSR sniper rifle before proceeding. This will help you take down any enemies from a distance, helping to reduce the amount of UNIDAD soldiers on patrol in the area.

First, you will need to access the Media Luna province. This can be done by driving, walking, or flying across the border, though flying is by-far the best choice as it will help you avoid unnecessary fighting.

Vector Map locations - Where to find the Vector in Ghost Recon Wildlands
The F.O.B. Buitre base is located at the northeast area of the Media Luna province. © Ubisoft

Once inside Media Luna, you are looking for the military base, F.O.B. Buitre, this is where you’ll find the Vector .45 ACP. The F.O.B. Buitre base is located in the northeast section of Media Luna, near a train track.

Vector map location - Vector Location in Ghost Recon Wildlands
Fly into the F.O.B. Buitre base and land in a safe place to guarantee yourself a speedy getaway. © Ubisoft

The best means of entering the F.O.B. Buitre base in order to claim the Vector .45 ACP is to attack it from afar using a sniper rifle to pick off enemies. However, if you are a higher level, you can easily gun your way into the base using weapons such as the M4A1 assault rifle or even the ACR assault rifle. Though, it’s often best to use your stealth to your advantage.

The Armeria containing the Vector - Ghost Recon Wildlands Vector location Guide
Enter the Armeria and open the weapon crate to get the Vector .45 ACP. © Ubisoft

After you’ve gained access to the F.O.B. Buitre base, you will want to head to the southeast quadrant of the base. It is here you will find a collection of buildings along with the armory that will hold the Vector .45 ACP.

The Vector stats - How to get the Vector 45 ACP in Ghost Recon Wildlands
The Vector .45 ACP offers excellent handling and a high rate of fire, though its damage and accuracy are rather low. © Ubisoft

Clear out any enemies in your way, enter the building labelled “ARMERIA”, and look for the weapon crate. Inside the weapon crate is the Vector .45 ACP, one of the best submachine guns in Ghost Recon Wildlands. However, if you dislike how the Vector .45 ACP feels, you should consider finding the P90 submachine gun.

If you followed this guide, you should know how to get the Vector .45 ACP in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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