Tank Gawd It's Friday - Your Biggest Weaknesses

Let us know what you think are your weaknesses in World of Tanks.

Happy Friday, tankers! It’s time for another Tank Gawd It’s Friday, the series where we ask a particular question to our community each week, giving our own opinions as well to kick off the conversation. Whether it be about World of Tanks or another gaming related topic, we want to hear from you.

As usual, we’ll be giving away an M4 Improved bundle this week to the person that we feel has the best answer in the comments section of the article. To know whether or not you’re eligible to win a prize, make sure you’ve read through the criteria below.

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Question: What’s your biggest weakness as a player in World of Tanks?

Sam Chandler:

Personally, my biggest weakness as a player in World of Tanks would have to be a combination of two things: tank knowledge and patience.

While I would like to think I am improving (wouldn’t we all!), I know that my tank knowledge could be better. For instance, knowing where to shoot at an enemy based on what tank they’re using. Sure, I know where to shoot to deal more damage - but sometimes this isn’t always the case as tanks vary. I would love to be able look at a tank and immediately know its greatest weakpoint, how much armor it has there, and what shell I need to fire in order to deal more damage.

And my other weakness would absolutely have to be patience. I just want to scream into battle in a fast tank, shooting and blowing up enemy tanks. Unfortunately, a Light tank, which will deliver me to the battleground faster, is not the kind of tank that can easily destroy enemy tanks while a heavy tank - though it can smash enemies - is a slow and cumbersome vehicle.

I just have to learn to appreciate how the different tank types work, and find enjoyment in their niche styles. Whether it’s spotting and zooming around as a Light tank or being a bully as a Medium.

Bill Lavoy:

Without question, my biggest weakness in World of Tanks is being impatient. Getting bored in my Tank Destroyer and going for, as I like to call it, a walkabout. Since my Tank Destroyers are essentially made of paper, it usually doesn’t take too long before I get spotted, then shot two or three times, and destroyed. All too often I will find a great spot and set up, but the action is out of my view or range. Instead of being patient and seeing how it plays out, I’ll move up with my team, get crushed, and then realize the damage I could have done with a bit more patience.

I’m not saying I should endlessly sit in the back and camp, never moving up. However, there is a fine line between an effective TD and a camping TD who is ineffective because of it. When I’m in my M18 Hellcat, range is my friend and going in reverse is nearly impossible, so every move up is a risk. In my T67, however, I can move up, realize I’ve overextended, and retreat due to my good mobility.

That’s where I’m at right now. Struggling with a three-way argument between when to move up, when to stay back, and knowing when I’m giving in to my impatience. It’s not easy, but I’m all in to fix my weaknesses and become a better tanker for my platoon and team.

Larryn Bell:

I would say that my biggest personal weakness as a World of Tanks player is my positioning. While knowing where to position myself has something to do with map knowledge, I feel that even on maps that I am comfortable playing, I still might end up with less-than-favorable positioning when compared to the enemy team.

I've been trying to get better at side-scraping and angling my tank appropriately to improve my effective armor. However, my tank angle can only do so much when I'm suddenly surrounded by enemies due to my poor positioning. I've found this happens most often in maps with city buildings. I usually take up cover behind a bulding just to have some enemy sneak up on me through an alley that I hadn't noticed. In that case, I suppose my other weakness in World of Tanks would be map awareness

Alright, now it's your turn. Tell us what you feel are your biggest weaknesses in World of Tanks by leaving a comment below. Leave a good answer, and you just might win an M4 Improved.


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