For Honor's First Two DLC Characters Could Be a Ninja and a Centurion

There will be six DLC characters in total.

Ubisoft has yet to offer additional details on the various DLC fighters who will join For Honor’s roster throughout the year other than that there will be six of them in total. However, some recently discovered images may have ousted the first two upcoming additions: a Ninja for the Samurai faction and a Roman Centurion for the Knights faction.

Some leaked images were recently posted on the For Honor subreddit, images which show in-game menu screenshots of the Ninja and Centurion. Now, it is possible that the posted images are fakes, but the Ninja and Centurion shown in the images sure do look an awful lot like the front two shadowy silhouettes in this season pass image on the official For Honor website, down to the Ninja’s headband and twin kamas and the Centurion’s unique helmet and armor.

Again, it’s important to remember that nothing should be considered official until Ubisoft comments on the issue, but the evidence seems pretty hard to ignore. While you wait to see whether the leaks are legitimate or not, but sure to check out some of our For Honor guide content such as our in-depth look at how to properly perform defensive maneuvers like blocks and guard breaks.  



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