Chinese 112 Tank is Now Permanently Available in World of Tanks Premium Shop

Limited-time bundle deals are also available until early April.

Since the iconic Chinese 112 heavy tank is now available for in-game gold via the World of Tanks tech tree, is also introducing it as a new permanent addition to the game’s Premium Shop.

A new 112 basic bundle can now be purchased via the World of Tanks Premium Shop at a $53.99 price point, granting access to both the 112 tank and a bonus garage slot so that you have a place to put it. The bundle is a permanent addition to the Premium Shop’s offerings, but between now and April 3, the two following bundles are also available:

112 Fully Loaded - $69.99

  • 112 Premium Tank
  • Bonus Garage Slot
  • Gun Laying Drive Mod
  • Gun Rammer Mod
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mod
  • 2,300 Gold

112 Ultimate - $89.99

  • 112 Premium Tank
  • Bonus Garage Slot
  • All Mods From The Fully Loaded Bundle
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 2,000,000 Credits

The Fully Loaded bundle can be purchased here and the Ultimate bundle can be purchased here.

If the 112 doesn’t speak to you, then perhaps you’ll find something you like in our recent guide of the best heavy tanks for World of Tanks noobs



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