Complete World of Tanks Daily Missions to Unlock the T25 Pilot for Free

You have to finish 13 missions in total to unlock the tank.

As you might have noticed by now if you’re a dedicated World of Tanks player, Wargaming has added a series of daily missions to the game, each of which is only available on the day it’s put up.

Not only can you earn various rewards by completing these daily missions, there’s also an extra special prize to be had if you manage to complete 13 missions total: a free T25 Pilot Tier VIII Medium tank. The daily missions will only last until March 27th, though you can still get the T25 Pilot, as there are currently 14 daily missions remaining including today, March 14th.

If you know you won’t be able to complete the daily mission for 13 consecutive days, or if you run across a day where you simply don’t want to partake in a mission, you can also purchase mission completion tokens which automatically credit a certain number of completions to your account.

You can purchase one token for $2.49, five tokens for $12.45, or if you don’t want to bother with the daily missions at all, 13 tokens (thus instantly unlocking the T25 Pilot) for $32.37.

Today’s daily mission for March 14th involves racking up a total of 15,000 damage across any number of random battles using any Tier IV or higher tank.

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