Shamrock & Awe Event Comes to Modern Warfare Remastered

The event includes a new map, new unlockable items, and more.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Raven Software is hosting a special limited-time event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered aptly titled Shamrock & Awe.

For the event’s duration, players can access a unique new map called Daybreak which is a bright and sunny version of the normally gloomy Downpour map. Additionally, there are two new Daybreak-specific challenges that, if completed, unlock two exclusive weapon camos, Folium and Prism.

While the event is active, players can also earn and/or purchase new Shamrock & Awe Supply Drops (one free Supply Drop is also given out each week) which contain a randomized assortment of over 20 themed items such as weapon camos, calling cards, and even unique melee weapons like the Shillelagh club and Shamrock blade.

All of the new items are divided into three different item collections. By completing all three collections, players can unlock the ability to play as iconic Modern Warfare character Captain Graves in the game’s multiplayer component.

The Shamrock & Awe event is only around until April 3rd, so if you want to partake and earn some of the new items, it’s better to do so sooner rather than later.   



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