Tank Gawd It's Friday - Favorite Gaming Beverages

Tell us your beverage of choice when playing World of Tanks.

Welcome back to another Tank Gawd It’s Friday, the series where we ask a particular question to our community each week about World of Tanks or another gaming related topic. We’ll start off the conversation, but what we really look forward to are the answers from our readers. Whether it be about World of Tanks or another gaming related topic, we want to hear from you.

We will give away an M4 Improved bundle to the person that we feel has the best answer in the comments section of the article. To know whether or not you’re eligible to win a prize, make sure you’ve read through the criteria below.

  • This contest is only open to players in North America
  • The code will only work for PC players
  • Your comment must be on this article, not Facebook or elsewhere
  • We will notify the winner by replying to their comment

This week’s question is something that every gamer can answer even if you don’t play World of Tanks.

Question: What’s your favorite beverage to drink while playing World of Tanks?

Sam Chandler:

For me, I’ve got to be extremely English-Australian and say that if I’m not drinking coffee while playing World of Tanks, I’m drinking tea. Obviously I always have a glass of water nearby to quench my thirst, but I never opt for sugary drinks or energy drinks.

In terms of tea, I’m partial to a nice Japanese Lime, Earl Grey, or a Russian Caravan. Nothing keeps the nerves under control like a lovely steeped loose-leaf tea.

However, if it’s a Friday night or the weekend, nothing beats a scotch whiskey. Though, I do have to be careful as there’s a chance my WN8 could drop...

Larryn Bell:

My main beverages of choice during a long session of World of Tanks are usually either coffee or an energy drink. If I'm having coffee while gaming, I'll opt for iced coffee just because I won't have to worry about the temperature. Hot coffee will usually turn luke warm by the time I get through a couple battles, and I'd prefer to not have to microwave my drink during my play session. 

As for energy drinks, my favorites are the regular green Amps. When those aren't available, I go for the sugar free Red Bulls or Monsters. I keep a water bottle close by and alternate between the two, so that I'm not just knocking back purely caffeinated drinks for the duration. 

Nate Hohl:

I try to stick to plain old water whenever I can because I’m trying to cut down on sugary drinks and soda, but if I absolutely have to indulge my sweet tooth, I usually go for the fruit punch flavor of the Rockstar energy drink. I doubt it affects my performance at all but it tastes good and it perks me up a bit if I’m feeling sleepy. The only problem is that, since it is still technically an energy drink, I can’t have more than one a day, otherwise I’d be so wired that I’d be up half the night.

Now we want to hear from all of you! This one should be easy enough to answer, so please leave your replies in the comment section below. Who knows, you might be chosen to win an M4 Improved in World of Tanks!


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