Mass Effect: Andromeda - Romance Guide

Where to find all the characters you can romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide will tell you how to romance every available character. Mass Effect: Andromeda has many romance and relationship options for both the Ryder twins, with some romance options being exclusive depending on your chosen gender. With hundreds of planets to visit and places to explore, it can be easy to miss people who you can romance. As such, we’ve collected all possible romance options in Mass Effect: Andromeda, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these characters!

There are ten romance options in Mass Effect: Andromeda, with four characters that can be romanced by both twins, and six characters that have a single preference of either male of female Ryder. So while female Ryder can romance Liam, male Ryder cannot. Many of your squadmates also fall under the romance option category, so it's important you know where to find squadmates and companions.

Romancing three different characters across all playthroughs will unlock  the Matchmaker Achievement and Trophy. Once you finish romancing all the characters, be sure to track down all the Architects!

All Male Ryder Romance Options

Below are all of the characters that Male Ryder can romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

All Female Ryder Romance Options

Below are all of the characters that Female Ryder can romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

How to Romance Characters

There are a few general guidelines you will need to follow in order to open up the romance option for the above characters you encounter in Mass Effect: Andromeda. First, you will need to flirt with a character three times before a romance option becomes available. The flirt option is highlighted by a love heart during conversations.

To ensure you do this, always find and talk with your romance options whenever you reach a new location or finish a mission. Second, if the character you want to romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda is a squadmate, you will need to complete their Loyalty Mission if they have one. This task must be done along with the flirt-three-times task.

Third, ensure you read all the emails that are sent to you by the character you are romancing. This will help you secure further romance options. Finally, you are able to flirt and romance as many other characters as you please, but once you commit to exclusivity, you will not be able to flirt with anyone else. Well, except Keri, because she doesn’t care.

How to Romance Cora

This romance guide will focus on how to romance Cora Harper in Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you want a detailed description of how to romance Cora, be sure to click the link above. Cora Harper can only be romanced by male Ryder. After Cora joins your team, you can find her in the Bio Lab aboard the Tempest. Speak with her after each mission and read your emails as often as possible. During your conversations, always choose the flirt option where possible. Soon you will unlock her Loyalty Mission which is require when trying to romance her.

How to Romance Gil

This section of the Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide will focus on Gil Brodie. In order to romance Gil, you will need to be the male Ryder and speak with him at all possible occasions. He can be found in the engine room of the Tempest. After each major section of the campaign, speak with Gil and choose the flirt options. You'll eventually be able to meet with him on Eos to advance the romance.

How to Romance Avela Kjar

Another character in this romance guide you can pursue is Avela Kjar, one of Mass Effect: Andromeda's new alien species. You will find Avela the first time you visit Aya, she will be hanging around the dock. From here, speak with Avela each time you visit Aya, specifically after the Rovering the Past and Forgotten History sidequests.

How to Romance Liam Kosta

This romance guide section will focus on romancing Liam Kosta, a female Ryder only romance option in Mass Effect: Andromeda. You can begin romancing Liam as soon as you board the Tempest, you can find him in the Storage Room. Next, you will want to continue talking with him as you visit Aya and then again after you finish the main story missions. Romancing Liam also requires completing a Loyalty Mission as well as committing to Liam.

How to Romance Jaal

Another character featured in this Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide is Jaal, a female Ryder only romance option. You must begin your flirting with Jaal as soon as he boards the Tempest and before finishing the mission, A Trail of Hope. After the Vidcon meeting with Akksul you can continue the romance with Jaal. In order to keep romancing Jaal, you must complete his Loyalty Mission. After this, complete the mission, Hunting the Archon and speak with him on Havarl.

How to Romance Suvi

This romance guide section will focus romancing Suvi. Only available for female Ryder, Suvi is an NPC who is not a part of your squad. Romancing Suvi is relatively simple as she doesn't leave the bridge, simply speak to her at every available moment, after each mission, while always selecting the flirt option.

How to Romance Peebee

The Peebee romance guide is fairly simple but there are a lot of steps, and thankfully she can be romanced by both Ryders. If you need more details, check the link above for a complete step-by-step guide. As soon as Peebee joins your squad in Mass Effect: Andromeda, speak with her in the Escape Pod section of the Tempest. The next moment to speak and flirt with Peebee comes when you find Remnant technology on Voeld and then again after the mission, a Trail of Hope. Speak to Peebee as much as possible after this point and you will be given the option to commit to her.

How to Romance Vetra

This section of the Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide will focus on Vetra, a romance option available for either Ryder. Speak with Vetra whenever you see her around the Tempest and whenever you reach major milestones such as: A Trail of Hope, interrogating Vehn, completing her Loyalty Mission, and Hunting the Archon. Be sure to read our Vetra romance guide for further details.

How to Romance Reyes

Another character featured in this Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide is Reyes, a romance option for both Ryder twins. Reyes' romance begins during the mission, Hunting the Archon. After refusing Sloane's deal, you can flirt with Reyes to begin the romance. Find him in the Tartarus Bar after interrogating Vehn and flirt with him once more during the mission, Murder in Kadara Port. Be sure to speak with him and ask him about his codename.

How to Romance Keri

Finally, Keri is the final character in this Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide. Keri is easily one of the simpliest characters to romance as there are very few steps involved. Speak and flirt with her after the following missions: Path of a Hero, A Better Beginning, A Trail of Hope, and The Journey to Meridin. 

Romancing other characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda is relatively simple, with the only problem will be tracking down all the characters (with some requiring you to know how to find squadmates). Make sure you take your time while exploring the galaxy and talk to your crew as frequently as possible to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Additionally, this will help when it comes to learning how to kill Architects. If you read this guide, you should now know all the romance options in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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