Assassin's Creed Origins doubles Syndicate's launch sales

Ancient Egypt draws fans back in.

The launch sales for Assassin’s Creed Origins have doubled those of the last game in the series, Syndicate.

The year off seems to have paid dividends for the series, with a strong performance for the new title. Previous reports had shown physical sales to be on par with Syndicate (a low mark for the series), but year-by-year, game sales have trended towards digital copies, and Origins appears to have performed especially well on that front.

Origins’ performance has been good enough so far that Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot announced the series was “officially back” during a post-earnings conference call. All of this ammounts to a good year for the French publisher who have also seen success through Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and older titles such as Rainbow Six: Siege and For Honor continuing to sell.

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