New Boomeo Tool Can Help You Become A Better Counter-Strike Player

Learn from the pros in a real-time training environment.

Training to become a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or “CS:GO” as it’s more commonly called) player can be an arduous process even if you have a team of fellow players to train and compete with.

Fortunately, the eSports organization IMG is working to make the process much easier on potential competitors by releasing Boomeo, a new interactive tool which lets users learn from the best before putting the knowledge they acquire to the test in actual gameplay scenarios.

In a nutshell, Boomeo has two main functions. The first allows users to access a wide breadth of video and text content in which professional CS:GO players guide the user towards the best strategies and tactics for mastering a variety of gameplay elements such as map layouts, properly managing in-game currency (such as the popular “eco round” tactic), and the best spots on each map to perform “wall bangs” (i.e. shoot unsuspecting enemy players through a wall).

The second function lets users take the information they gleaned from the videos/text guides and apply them directly in actual gameplay scenarios. Boomeo hosts a number of CS:GO servers in both the US and EU regions and users can access those servers to hop into games of Deathmatch, Retake, and the Boomeo-exclusive 1v1 Duel game mode.

Duel can be used to help you improve your skills on a specific map, train with specific weapons, or simply warm up before an important match. While Boomeo is still technically in an open beta phase, all of the above functionality (and more) can currently be accessed through the official Boomeo website and IMG naturally plans to continue supporting Boomeo with additional functions and features such as leaderboards, in-depth training statistics, and eventual AI bot support (all play modes are currently PvP only).

Several of Boomeo’s features can be accessed for free and the tool’s full series of features can be unlocked for a $9.99 per month premium subscription (a free trial for the premium service is also available).      


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