Watch Someone Clear Titanfall 2's Obstacle Course... Backwards

It takes them less than 25 seconds too.

The first level in Titanfall 2’s surprisingly compelling story campaign includes an obstacle course in which the player is supposed to use the movement-based skills they have learned to finish the course in as little time as possible.

What isn’t so surprising is that speedrunners have been using the obstacle course to show off their skills, and now one speedrunner has taken the challenge to a new level by both finishing the course with impressive speed and doing it all while traveling backwards.

As you can see in the below video, YouTuber and Titanfall 2 speedrunner Thoreaufare has clearly mastered the game’s time trial obstacle course to a degree that most normal players only dream of.

The video shows Thoreaufare’s current record of 24 seconds, and you can watch other videos on their YouTube homepage which show the improvements they've made. Namely, starting off at 34 seconds before managing to shave it down to 27 seconds and then to 24.

While Thoreaufare may make it look easy, they no doubt put a ton of work into memorizing all the little details such as timing the jumps, knowing when exactly to detonate frag grenades for an extra boost, and being able to effortlessly gun down enemies. All of these elements culminate in one of the most impressive runs possible.

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